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Your Personal Studio - Why we are so excited!!

We aim to simplify the world of  interior design & decoration by giving you solutions & access to your personalised studio.  Your Personal Studio gives you the tools to achieve beautiful & functional spaces without all the running around. Everything you need is within reach in your personal studio, even your own Personalised Store with products selected specifically for your project.


What's Involved?

Once you have purchased the e-decorating package or rooms you would like us to work on, you will receive a link & password to your Personal Studio. Here you will have access to:

  • a design questionnaire form,  that will help us find out about you, your needs, style, and budget.

  • a measuring guide to assist you in measuring your room correctly (alternatively a copy of your floorplans would be great) 

  • a guide on how to photograph your room(s) for us to get an accurate sense of your space


What to expect from your Personal Studio?

Your own Personal Studio on our website - accessed by your unique link & password which includes:

  • Design Questionnaire

  • Measuring Guide

  • E-concept board detailing the furniture, accessories, colours we recommend to complete your room.

  • Suggested Furniture Layout 

  • Private Personal Store with your recommended products available to purchase directly via our site, making it easier for you to complete your look.* (sourced from trade suppliers at competitive prices)

  • Additional items from non-trade suppliers will be collated in a personal shopping list with links to the individual retailers for you to buy direct.